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Saturday, June 2, 2007

About Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti
Giuseppe Zanotti was born in San Mauro Pascoli, an Adriatic town with a long tradition in shoemaking. He has worked in luxury footwear for women for over twenty years, beginning as a design apprentice before making a name for himself as a footwear designer for Italian and international companies. In 1994 Giuseppe Zanotti decided to try his hand in his own business. There followed a steady rise to distinction which fully justifies the international acclaim he now enjoys. What makes Giuseppe Zanotti pumps, Giuseppe Zanotti sandals and Giuseppe Zanotti boots so unique is their consummate synthesis of design awareness and quality: design awareness keeps you up to speed with the major trends that, season after season, dominate the worlds of ready to wear and haute couture; and it's also important for building up a repertory of ideas and images taken from music videos, from art, the cinema, from design, in short from everything which reflects changing fashions, explains Zanotti. Technique and taste work in a reciprocal relationship, allowing all these ideas to come together. Giuseppe Zanotti is clearly a designer with an exceptionally refined sensibility, a man whose tastes are as international in their outlook as his personality is unique. But there's more to Giuseppe Zanotti than creativity alone: The way the shoe is crafted is essential for its success, without the skills of the shoemaker the collection can never take form. Here Giuseppe Zanotti reveals the entrepreneurial verve which makes him such an ultra-modern designer. Giuseppe Zanotti shoes feature sleek, innovative designs and are crafted from the finest materials. Whether you chose elegant Giuseppe Zanotti pumps, eye-popping Giuseppe Zanotti platforms or sexy Giuseppe Zanotti sandals, you will not go unnoticed.