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Thursday, May 31, 2007

About Miss Sixty

Founded in 1989, Miss Sixty Shoes and Miss Sixty Clothing were created by Italian designers Wichy Hassan and Renato Rossi. Their trademarks have become synonymous with life, youth, action and energy; catering to the lifestyle of the fashion forward individual. Miss Sixty's line of shoes continues to meld the most compelling elements of fashion from the 1950s and '80s with futuristic materials and ultramodern details. Continuously looking for innovation, originality and variety, Miss Sixty launched their first women s jean collection in 1991. The brands attention is now focused on jeans, but still designed and produced women s shoes, dresses, sweaters, shirts, skirts and other clothes completely thought and designed for the feminine body. Miss Sixty Clothing and Miss Sixty Shoes know that there are many ways to be sexy: Feminine, ironic, exuberant, glamorous and sophisticated. For the last 16 years Miss Sixty Clothing and Miss Sixty Shoes have been setting trends and imposing styles and plan on being at the forefront of feminine fashion imagery for years to come.
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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

About Alessandro Dell'Acqua

Alessandro Dell'Acqua
Alessandro Dell'Acqua is one of the pre-eminent Italian designers of men's and women's fashions. Recognized and awarded many times over, Alessandro Dell'Acqua brings that same love of fashion and design to his signature collection of shoes. Quintessentially Italian, Alessandro Dell'Acqua brings continental style to everyone, with loving attention to detail and unmatched quality.

Alessandro Dell'Acqua’s shoes for men are luxurious, but at the same time have an element of eccentricity. Alessandro Dell'Acqua embraces the unexpected. The use of contrasting fabrics gives Alessandro Dell'Acqua’s shoe designs a look that is both modern and powerful.

The Alessandro Dell'Acqua shoe collection brilliantly strikes a balance between tradition and innovation. Alessandro Dell'Acqua shoes and Alessandro Dell'Acqua sneakers give men the freedom to truly express themselves through fashion. Alessandro Dell'Acqua footwear is sought after by men worldwide for their exceptional design and quality.

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Monday, May 28, 2007


Bruno Magli was founded in Bologna, Italy in the 1930’s when three siblings, Marino, Maria and Bruno Magli were taught the art of shoemaking by their grandfather in a small basement. In 1936, the siblings transformed their basement factory into a small business, otherwise known as The Magli Shoe Factory (Calzaturifico Magli). Propelled by the "Made in Italy" craze, Bruno Magli quickly became a leader in design, fabrication and commercialization of high-quality fashion shoes and became a major competitor in the Italian footwear market.

In 1968, headed by the second generation of the Magli family, Bruno Magli moved to its current headquarters in Bologna at via Larga 33. Bruno Magli has since successfully maintained its position as a leader in the footwear industry by retaining the traditional values that have made it the prestigious Italian luxury brand since the 1930's.

Bruno Magli shoes are elegant designs of high quality craftsmanship, offering a sense of style and prestige to a sophisticated and fashion conscious consumer. The extensive collection includes Bruno Magli shoes, boots and sandals for men, and Bruno Magli shoes, sandals and boots for women. There is a Bruno Magli shoe for every occasion.

Each Bruno Magli shoe is handcrafted from the finest leathers available, for a luxurious and stylish look while delivering extraordinary comfort. With a dedication to the extensive Italian design tradition, Bruno Magli has been handcrafting footwear and accessories in Italy for over 69 years. The result is one of the most respected, innovative, sophisticated, contemporary and distinctive lines in the fashion world today.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

About Furla

Furla Handbags

The Furla family legacy began over 80 years ago when Aldo Furlanetto started his business as a trader in handbags, small leather goods and other accessories. Years later in the 70�s Furlanetto�s children, Giovanna, Carlo and Paolo took over the family business and decided to develop the Furla handbag and Furla accessories brands internationally. They have since established themselves as a successful international handbag and accessory brand known the world over.

Luxury Furla handbag designs are based on elegance, femininity, and techno-artisanal details. Each product is handcrafted in all the finest Italian leathers, while at the same time known for their affordable luxury. Furla handbags range in style, from hobos to satchels to totes, evening bags and everything in between. As a brand Furla continues to invest in research and technology to assure constant innovation in all its lines and categories.

Maintaining the tradition of a decades-long family heritage is a major priority for Furla handbags, and Aldo Furlanetto�s three grandsons now work in the company. In 2007, Furla handbags appointed a non-family member as Chief Executive Officer presiding over its Corporate office and 9 subsidiaries (USA, France, Spain, UK, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Germany, and Australia). This marked the first time corporate leadership was attained outside the Furlanetto family. It reflects the entrepreneurial spirit to invest in the growth and future success of Furla Handbags as a company.

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

About Pelle Moda

Pelle Moda
Pelle Moda was created in 2002. Founder, Sam Chen, recognized the need for high fashion footwear inspired by the styling of high end designers without the designer price. Sam s daughter, Jessie Chen, is the line builder/designer for Pelle Moda shoes. She understands the needs of today s women by exploring all the current fashion trends in Europe. For a look as unique as the person who wears them, check out the exceptional line of Pelle Moda women s shoes. Pelle Moda takes prides in the consistent high quality of their fashionable women s shoes. Only the best components and materials available internationally are used. Pelle Moda shoes are all leather, including the upper, the soles and the linings. Pelle Moda utilizes the best manufacturing resources available in China, resulting in women s shoes with excellent workmanship. With unsurpassed high standards of quality and new and exciting styles each season, Pelle Moda keeps you coming back for more inspirational footwear season after season. Pelle Moda shoes are comfortable, long lasting, and inspired by modern Italian style. From women s boots and pumps to women s sandals and flats, Pelle Moda produces a variety of fashion choices while offering the most current fashion trends and the highest quality footwear.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

About Via Spiga

Via Spiga
Established in 1985, Via Spiga shoes take their name from a legendary street in Milan. The stunning collection of shoes, sandals, and boots is steeped in a heritage of pure Italian designs, leathers and materials. Via Spiga is a fashion brand and is seen regularly in top fashion magazines. Via Spiga's footwear collection is designed to be worn by every woman of every style. It s a collection of pumps, mules, sandals, flats, wedges, and boots that crosses over generations and demographics. A Via Spiga design can be a trend shoe, a basic shoe, or an occasion shoe, but it s always a beautiful shoe bellissima!
Check out the high fashion designs of Via Spiga shoes. Known around the world for their playful cutting-edge shoes, sandals, and boots, the Via Spiga line continues to set fashion standards that others merely try to keep up with. Via Spiga leads the way to next year s hottest footwear designs.

About GF Ferre

GF Ferre
GF Ferre was created in 2003. GF Ferre is a concept capturing the crossover spirit and multiplicity factor of today’s young men and women. There are many different ways of envisioning and experiencing the world. GF stands for Go ever Forward. This introduces a mode of dress that keys in to clearly diverse attitudes and approaches to life. There’s energy and determination, yet also intense urge for concreteness and simplicity. And there’s an indispensable need for freedom, a true openness to every type of experience and culture. No limits, no barriers. Styles, tribes, ideas, choices that co-exist, intersect, come together and form the richness of life. The unique mix of casual, with an edge of chic sophistication, allows the GF Ferre customer to translate their wardrobe from day to evening.

The GF Ferre women’s collection takes a voyage along the hallmarks of GF Ferre style, those signature shapes and lines forever open to new and original interpretations, charmingly feminine. The color ways appear in “global harmony”. Patterns and prints also have a “global” feel.

The GF Ferre men’s collection is fit for a man who expresses his intelligent character and personality through his clothing choice. Discreet luxury is the watchword of GF Ferre; supreme quality emerges in a distinct and skillfully constructed silhouette where the lean lines of jackets juxtapose with easier, slouchy pant shapes. Authentic luxury is displayed through the use of gorgeous fibers.

Gianfranco Ferre was known as ‘the architect of fashion’ for his background and his original attitude toward creating fashion design. GF Ferre is desinged by an in house team, that follows faithfully the codes of the Gianfranco Ferre DNA giving the collection a fresh and modern twist each season. Their belief is that details and different takes on materials are marks of distinction and quiet expressions of originality…This is the world of GF Ferre.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

About Franco Sarto

Franco Sarto: Franco Sarto Shoes
More than just a footwear and handbag brand name, Franco Sarto is the man and the driving inspiration behind the passion of his designs. Franco Sarto, an Italian designer, knew shoes and fashion were his life. He began his career at the young age of fourteen. Franco Sarto was working in a shoe factory in a small town outside of Venice, Italy, where he sat on a stool and hand-lasted shoes with a hammer and nails. This was the beginning of the empire that is Franco Sarto shoes and Franco Sarto handbags.

Along with designing exquisite handbags of all styles, including totes, satchels, hobos, and clutches, Franco Sarto also designs a plethora of cutting-edge and fashionable shoes. Franco Sarto offers shoes for any occasion, while maintaining fashion-forward trends and reliable all-day comfort. From casual shoes and sandals, to bridal, dress shoes, tailored shoes and boots, Franco Sarto has created a style with a hint of European fashion and everyday comfort for every woman.

The grace and beauty of Franco Sarto shoes and Franco Sarto handbags brings joy to women all over the world. Franco Sarto is continuously constructing beautiful shoes and handbags for all women of all ages. Franco Sarto understands a woman’s undying passion for shoes and handbags. He is dedicated to keeping this passion alive.

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