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Thursday, May 24, 2007

About GF Ferre

GF Ferre
GF Ferre was created in 2003. GF Ferre is a concept capturing the crossover spirit and multiplicity factor of today’s young men and women. There are many different ways of envisioning and experiencing the world. GF stands for Go ever Forward. This introduces a mode of dress that keys in to clearly diverse attitudes and approaches to life. There’s energy and determination, yet also intense urge for concreteness and simplicity. And there’s an indispensable need for freedom, a true openness to every type of experience and culture. No limits, no barriers. Styles, tribes, ideas, choices that co-exist, intersect, come together and form the richness of life. The unique mix of casual, with an edge of chic sophistication, allows the GF Ferre customer to translate their wardrobe from day to evening.

The GF Ferre women’s collection takes a voyage along the hallmarks of GF Ferre style, those signature shapes and lines forever open to new and original interpretations, charmingly feminine. The color ways appear in “global harmony”. Patterns and prints also have a “global” feel.

The GF Ferre men’s collection is fit for a man who expresses his intelligent character and personality through his clothing choice. Discreet luxury is the watchword of GF Ferre; supreme quality emerges in a distinct and skillfully constructed silhouette where the lean lines of jackets juxtapose with easier, slouchy pant shapes. Authentic luxury is displayed through the use of gorgeous fibers.

Gianfranco Ferre was known as ‘the architect of fashion’ for his background and his original attitude toward creating fashion design. GF Ferre is desinged by an in house team, that follows faithfully the codes of the Gianfranco Ferre DNA giving the collection a fresh and modern twist each season. Their belief is that details and different takes on materials are marks of distinction and quiet expressions of originality…This is the world of GF Ferre.