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Thursday, May 31, 2007

About Miss Sixty

Founded in 1989, Miss Sixty Shoes and Miss Sixty Clothing were created by Italian designers Wichy Hassan and Renato Rossi. Their trademarks have become synonymous with life, youth, action and energy; catering to the lifestyle of the fashion forward individual. Miss Sixty's line of shoes continues to meld the most compelling elements of fashion from the 1950s and '80s with futuristic materials and ultramodern details. Continuously looking for innovation, originality and variety, Miss Sixty launched their first women s jean collection in 1991. The brands attention is now focused on jeans, but still designed and produced women s shoes, dresses, sweaters, shirts, skirts and other clothes completely thought and designed for the feminine body. Miss Sixty Clothing and Miss Sixty Shoes know that there are many ways to be sexy: Feminine, ironic, exuberant, glamorous and sophisticated. For the last 16 years Miss Sixty Clothing and Miss Sixty Shoes have been setting trends and imposing styles and plan on being at the forefront of feminine fashion imagery for years to come.
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